26 Feb

2nd Scientix Webinar: Teaching nanoscience in secondary school

Location: Worldwide

Organizer: Scientix

Type of event: webinar

Target groups: teachers

Topic: applied sciences,  science education

Language of event: English

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The webinar will take place in the Scientix online meeting room. After registration, you will receive an email with instructions. NB: Places will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis!

Nanoscience has its place in today’s science curriculum for secondary schools. There are already many products on the market that contain nanoparticles with special properties. For example, silver nanoparticles in socks prevent the feet from smelling. But could these tiny particles enter our bodies?

To be able to make informed decisions, pupils need to have basic knowledge about nanoscience and products containing nanoparticles. By attending the webinar, teachers will be able to plan their own lessons on nanoscience, using activity sheets that will be made available to them.

The course will walk attendees through the basics of nanoscience and present sources where relevant materials can be found. Through three examples of topics, the following questions can be answered in the classroom:

  • Are there any nanoparticles in the air?
  • How can nanoscience be useful inside the body?
  • How can nanoscience help us protect our bathrooms?

Link: The nanOpinion portal: http://nanopinion.eu

Presenter: Lotte Vett is the Scientix Ambassador in Denmark. She has previously participated in the nanOpinion, inGenious and Fibonacci projects. Lotte has three years' experience in teaching nanoscience in secondary school, grades 7 to 9. As part of the nanOpinion project, she was involved in developing and preparing teacher-guides and webinars.

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