The Ministries of Education Working Group

The Ministries of Education Working Group (MoE STEM WG) is a platform of discussion and exchange for Ministries of Education regarding their STEM education policies. The overall objective of this initiative is to help lay the foundations for medium and long-term strategies and activities in the field of STEM education, following an agenda that addresses the ministries priorities and main interests.

Under Scientix 3, the MoE STEM WG is composed by STEM representatives of the Ministries of Education, which remit is:

  • To monitor national STEM education policies in each country;
  • To provide a platform of exchange for ministries of education regarding exchange of practice concerning national STEM policies.
  • To promote national STEM initiatives via Scientix 3.
  • To organize joint national/Scientix 3 events.
  • To support professional development of STEM teachers, both at initial teacher education level and at in-service training level.

The Ministries of Education STEM representatives are appointed by the Ministries of Education directly. During this first year of Scientix 3, the objectives were to build the framework and start the activities of the working group with at least 10 countries working.

By the 26 September 2018, 21 Ministries (from 20 different countries) have already joined the MoE STEM WG and started promoting STEM activities at the national level in collaboration with Scientix. In the Table below we provide the list of Ministries of Education representatives members of the working group.

Country Last name First name Position Organisation
Austria Bauer Martin Head of the “IT-Didactics and Digital Media” Austrian Ministry of Education
Belgium (Flanders) Op de Beeck Christel Policy Officer at the Flemish Government Department of Education and Training, Horizontal Policy Division
Belgium (Wallonia) Sevenants Pierre Inspecteur Physique DS Féderation Wallonie Bruxelles
Czech Republic Pavlicová Vladimíra Consultant Centre for International Cooperation in Education, Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Denmark Andersen Lars Advisor in upper secondary school department Danish Ministry of Education
Estonia Henno Imbi Chief Expert of General Education Department Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
Finland Koljonen Teijo Counsellor of Education Finnish National Agency for Education
France Pajot Bertrand Inspecteur Général de l’Education Nationale French Ministry of Education
Greece Angelopoulos Panagiotis Head of Department of Studies and Program’s Application in Primary Education and  leader of the working group for Open Educational Resources Greek Ministry of Education/GFOSS’ (Open Source Software Society)
Hungary Csordás Ildikó Sulinet referent Educational Authority, General Department of Digital Repositories
Israel Keshet-Maor Gilmor Head of Science Division, Pedagogic Secretariat Israeli Ministry of Education
Italy Niewint Gori Jessica Researcher INDIRE
Lithuania Vaidelis Giedrius Director Lithuanian Education Development Center
Luxembourg Mysore Sid Responsible for the promotion of business, and educational methods regarding STEM disciplines and new technologies Luxembourg Ministry of national Education, Infancy and Youth. Research and Pedagogical and Technological Innovations Coordination Service
Malta Muscat Mario Science Education Officer, Department of Curriculum Management Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (Maltese Ministry of Education)
Portugal Sousa Joao Director of the Educational Projects Services at the General Directorate of Education Portuguese Ministry of Education



Superior Counsellor

National Centre for Assessments and Examinations, Romanian Ministry of National Education
Cristescu Bogdan Superior Counsellor
Serbia Aleksić Katarina Adviser to the Minister for eEducation Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
Slovakia Výbohová Darina Deputy DG for education Methodological and Pedagogical Centre of the Slovak Ministry of Education
Spain Jimenez Mar Director of the Training and Institutional Relationships Department Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports
Turkey Akdur Tunç Educational Project Coordinator at Department of Educational Technology Development and Projects

Ministry of National Education, General directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies