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Learning in Science Group, University of Cyprus

The Learning in Science Group of the University of Cyprus conducts a coordinated programme of research, curriculum development and training. Directed by Prof. Dr C. P. Constantinou, the group is currently engaged in three major projects:

  • training of future teachers to teach science and technology as socially relevant processes of inquiry;
  • developing support, motivation and assessment-for-learning mechanisms to improve student science learning;
  • integration of ICT tools in innovative learning environments.

Through an in-depth investigations of student understanding, the group seeks to identify and analyze common difficulties that students encounter in their effort to construct meaning in science and to develop the conceptual understanding as well as the reasoning, investigative and communication skills.

The Group has extensive experience with designing curriculum for teacher training and for school students, especially in the area of science and technology. Other areas of expertise include (a) web based learning environments for reflective inquiry, (design and validation of e-learning platform for reflective science learning), (b) distance learning, (internet based resources for in service teachers in rural areas), (c) evaluation of students’ development of reasoning and scientific method skills and changes in students’ attitudes and perceptions of science.

The Group is also designing and implementing the University’s e-learning strategy through a series of pilot projects including topics such as ICT in science and the school practicum in the context of teacher preparation.

Other activities include the STOCHASMOS platform for designing and implementing online learning environments with an emphasis on reflective inquiry, promoting Science Fairs as a medium for promoting investigative skills; and teaching science in early childhood (First Steps in Science and Science in the Kindergarten).