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Logo of Friends of Education

Association for Development and Digitalisation of Education and Cultural Heritage - Friends of Education

The Association for Development and Digitalisation of Education and Cultural Heritage -Friends of Education (FoE) is non-governmental organisation whose members are teachers, professors and ICT experts, sharing the same passion: continuous professional development, high quality teaching and student-centred learning.

The association was established in 2014 by a group of enthusiastic teachers which wanted to work together on implementing different innovations in the classroom, enhancing their methodological approaches in teaching and learning. The programme of the association consists of, but is not limited to, organising events, training sessions, workshops, conferences for teachers and students from primary to high level of education on a wide variety of topics, tailored to suit the needs and cater for different audiences.

The vision of the association is a commitment towards the process of modernisation of the education process by using digitalised resources but at the same time humanising it by adopting a holistic way of teaching and learning.

The mission of the Friends of Education focuses on collaboration with individuals, educational and scientific organisations, different educational policy makers, foundations and associations that are dedicated to working towards the affirmation and improvement of the teaching and learning process. The mission, on national level, is finding a way to establish a center for pedagogical design and producing digital resources as well as creating plans and programs for teacher trainings on how to use of digital resources in class. Internationally the mission is establishing and maintaining a stable network with international organisation in order to provide and ensure best quality education.

Since the establishment FoE has organized three national conferences, where the participants had an opportunity to learn, tell and share ideas, examples, good practices and new strategies in the fields of pedagogy, especially using ICT to raise students' interests and motivation for learning.