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Lithuanian Education Development Center

The Education Development Centre (EDC) is the biggest institution affiliate to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania providing educational support in the field of pre-school, primary and general education.

EDC staff consists of more than 100 professionals in education.


The EDC actively aims:

  • to form general education curriculum, which corresponds to the needs of society;
  • to initiate, create and implement innovations in education;
  • to implement education content quality assurance;
  • to improve school performance;
  • to implement necessary quality assurance activities in in-service teacher training and initiate and implement in-service teacher training programmes.


Over the years EDC has accumulated experience in these fields of expertise:

  • education content: development and implementation of general education content; analysis of educational processes and initiation of education innovations; coordination of education content adaptation to learners with various needs; coordination, initiation of methodological materials’ preparation for curriculum implementation and dissemination;
  • educational support: information support and consulting in education for education providers;
  • in-service teacher training: preparation and implementation of in-service teacher and school head training programmes; expert evaluation and accreditation of teacher and school head training programmes;
  • quality assurance: organization and coordination of expert evaluation of textbooks and other teaching/learning tools and methodological publications for general education.