How to use the European Schoolnet OpenID



1) Why are we using OpenID ?

OpenID allows users to have a single login for several websites. For instance, you can register on Scientix ( and use the same account on other European Schoolnet websites with an OpenID login. In the future, European Schoolnet will be using the OpenID for most of its websites and services.

On the OpenID server you will be able to access many services at once: modify your profile, manage your account, request a new password and see all the websites you are registered on.


2) How does it work ?

OpenID is a little different from what you may be used to when you log in on websites. Instead of inserting your user name and password into the website you wish to log into, you first need to register on the OpenID server and then go back to the portal you are visiting and where you wish to log in.

For this you need to paste the URL you have received by email from the OpenID server after the registration, into the login box.

The URL should look like this:

Let's take the example of Scientix:

1- Creating an account

Click on 'Create Account'.
You are then redirected to the OpenID server where you will need to complete the registration.

Fill in all the fields, then click on 'Register'. Note that the 'Back to homepage' link will send you to the homepage of the OpenID server and not to the website you wish to log into (e.g. Scientix).

After a successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message to the email address that you gave when you registered. In the email you will find your user name and the URL to the OpenID server.

What you have to remember is: Use the URL you have received to log in.

2- Logging in for the first time

Open the email you have received.

Copy the URL
and paste it in the login box on the website you wish to log into. For Scientix, it is also sufficient to use the username you chose when registering to login successfully.

Sign in

You are then directed to the OpenID server for login.

Fill in your user name and password. If you have forgotten them, a link allows you to reset your password. We recommend that you click on 'Remember me'; this way the login process will be quicker next time.


Click on 'Proceed' to log in. You will be automatically redirected to the website.


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