Scientix is launching a call for its external evaluator!


The evaluation has two strands, namely, to:

  1. Evaluate the Scientix 4 Conference
  2. Evaluate the project management (including educational activities and the portal) and final deliverables. The objective of the evaluation services is to make sure the quality of the organization of the Scientix conference as well as the project in general are flawless in guaranteeing the full satisfaction of Scientix 4 users and members.


The expert for the evaluation should have relevant experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education to carry out an independent evaluation of the Scientix 4 conference, the project management and final deliverables. The expert should be based in European Union countries or any Horizon 2020 associated countries.

Closing date for receipt of questions and comments is: 17:00 CET, 1st June 2020. Questions and answers related to the application to this call will be made available on this page.

The deadline for receipt of applications is: 17:00 CET, 15th June 2020.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail as a word document, providing details of the proposed approach, experience and costs. This document must be no longer than 20 pages in length (excluding CVs and brochures) and it should include the Evaluation strategy for Scientix 4 based on the Evaluation strategy carried out under Scientix 3 and provided as Annex 1 to this call, available here. This Evaluation strategy should be around 10 pages in length.

For more information, check the call under this link.


Scientix, the community for science education in Europe, promotes and supports European collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals. Since 2010, Scientix has been helping European STEM educators inspire young people to take a keener interest in their science, technology, engineering and mathematics classes. Scientix is funded by the European Union’s Research and Innovation Directorate under the H2020 programme.

In its first stage, Scientix built an online portal to collect and present European STEM education projects which now contains more than 650 projects and 3050 resources. This was followed by the creation of a network of National Contact Points (NCPs) which support the development of innovative approaches in science education at a national level.

Community involvement is important within Scientix, and it aims to provide a common space for all actors in STEM education and create a connection between STEM educators, researchers and policymakers. In Scientix, the community of educators is currently represented by 377 teachers from 43 countries who have volunteered to act as Scientix Ambassadors. They actively support the dissemination of Scientix and contribute to the exchange of practices and knowledge among all STEM education stakeholders in Europe.