Meet the new Scientix Ambassadors

175 science teachers are working with Scientix on various activities around the world, with more to come!
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Scientix one of the world's top 100 innovations!

The HundrED initiative awards Scientix for changing the face of global education, and as a model to follow!

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Scientix interview series  

Dr. Richard Walden, a science teacher in the United Kingdom, talks about teacher collaboration and how arts can be incorporated in science education in this Scientix interview, recorded at the Eminent conference of European Schoolnet in November 2015.

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Latest project

Robotor logo

ROBOTOR, International Robotics Trophy Robotor

Robotor promotes science and technology among the primary secondary school students, girls and boys, through robotics competitions.

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Profundiza - High Altitude Ballooning

Is the earth round? How can we prove it? How to get a picture of the earth's curvature?

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Latest News

Image credits: Wouter, TEMI project

Enquiry through mysteries: competition for physics teachers!

The TEMI project (Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries Incorporated) invites teachers who have used the project’s resources and methods, or been inspired by it to develop didactic activities, to join a competition before the deadline of 22 April 2017.

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Courses at the European Science Education Academy in 2017

The new course and events catalogue of the European Science Education Academy (ESEA) is impressive! A wide range of topics are covered within ESEA’s training activities this year, making it easy for educators to find something in their field of work.

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